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East Village Prahran is the result of a curated collaboration between exemplars in the industry, where design artisanship, innovative thinking and commitment to quality unite. With the shared vision of creating residential excellence, Prince Corporation and Ewert Leaf have considered and cultivated every aspect of this project in firm partnership – the essence of teamwork shaping each stage of its intricate inception.

“For East Village we have brought together a highly talented group of architects, interior designers and consultants to make our creative ideas a reality. Our brief as a company is always around timeless quality. This flows from the exterior through to the interiors, creating a design that will be recognisable in years to come.”

Peter Mitrevski
PRINCE Corporation Managing Director
  1. Aqueous, Port Melbourne
  2. MILQ, North Melbourne
  3. MILQ, North Melbourne
    Awarded Best Residential Development Australia 2017-2018, by Asia Pacific Property Awards

Peter Mitrevski established PRINCE Corporation with a vision of creating innovative development projects that shape the way people live. Taking an active and involved approach to all aspects of a development project, the company’s signature of professionalism, quality and design are inherent in every detail. They are committed to quality, certainty of outcome and customer satisfaction. PRINCE Corporation also believe the keys to a successful property development are location, liveability, aesthetic beauty of the building, investment security, neighbourhood integration and environmental sustainability. They choose to work with only the most highly qualified and respected team of Architects and Consultants that share their passion and vision to make their creative ideas a reality.

“East Village was designed to encapsulate modern living — visually, architecturally and functionally. Depicting strong linearity and a restrained aesthetic, it balances style with comfort and luxury with liveability, so that residents can enjoy in a sophisticated living space that still holds an inherent sense of comfort and home.”

Will Leaf & Toby Ewert
Directors—Ewert Leaf

Award-winning architectural studio Ewert Leaf is at the helm of East Village’s architecture and interior design, a firm renowned for its impressive portfolio of residential and hospitality projects throughout Melbourne and beyond. Established in 2009, their expansive portfolio spans residential and commercial projects, and depicts an evident understanding of the desires of Melbournians. Dynamic in their approach, Ewert Leaf specialises in the design of creative solutions and the management of complex projects.


PRINCE Corporation see every new development as an exciting opportunity to create a building that is beautiful, functional and timeless. Championing sustainability and innovation, East Village represents a shared passion, one that is guided by values of integrity, honesty and respect.


Ewert Leaf is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary design firm with experience in all aspects of architecture, interiors, urban design and landscape design. The firm, which was established in 2009, is distinguished by its creative yet commercial approach to design. Ewert Leaf has achieved great industry success – including being named winner of the Melbourne Design Awards 2014. Recent projects include Gramercy and McKinley Residences.


John Patrick Landscape Architects conducts a broad range of landscape design and management projects, covering everything from heritage sites, to park master plans and residential projects. Headed by John Patrick himself, the firm conducts work both nationally and internationally.


Mr Marshall White opened his first office in Glenferrie Road, Malvern over 45 years ago. A legend within the real estate industry, Marshall instilled a philosophy within the company that, above all, values honesty, integrity, experience and the desire to put in the time. We continually strive to capitalise on the blending of youthful enthusiasm and mature experience to achieve the highest possible standards of excellence. We also pride ourselves on our ability to provide an exceptional level of service that is envied by others in the real estate industry. Marshall White is proud to be collaborating with Prince Corporation to launch this fantastic project, East Village Prahran.